Featured in Top 10 Malaysia: Unfurling An Idealyst-Ic Dream

The entrepreneurial trail is rough, exhausting and calls for sheer perseverance. Opportunities are plenty but what differentiates a conventional risk-taker from a businessman is knowing when to act. Dr Aidil Azry Dato’ Mokhtar, Founder and CEO of Idealyst Beauty Sdn Bhd speaks to Top 10 on how having a vision and a prowess for grabbing opportunities at the right moment has helped him shape Idealyst Beauty as a prominent home-grown aesthetic brand set to go further in the industry.

Looking back, Dr Aidil Azry Dato’ Mokhtar, now in his late thirties, grew up as a ‘visionary’. Ever since his childhood, Dr Aidil always knew what he wants and what is exceptionally interesting is his resolution to pursue his dreams. Among his many aspirations was to live abroad and so when he got the opportunity to pursue his medical degree at the University College of Dublin in Ireland, he took it in a heartbeat.

Although medicine was not what he had in mind, Dr Aidil endured. Upon graduating, he served in the public medical sector and this has taught Dr Aidil many valuable lessons although he found the schedules and long hours cumbersome. In his search for more flexible hours to balance his professional and personal life, Dr Aidil left the public sector in 2007 and started a private practice as a general physician.

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