K1SS Lipmatte

|K1SS Lipmatte

K1SS Lipmatte


The 1st multivitamins and multi nutrients lip matte in the world


Most cosmetic lipsticks in the current market contain a blend of chemicals that will eventually cause your lips to get dry, darkened, thinned and wrinkled. Therefore to ensure our lips get healthier every time we apply any lips cosmetics day by day, u need to feed your lips with idealyst's new blend of vitamins/antioxidants:

– Vitamin C (to build new sets of collagen & treat dark pigments on lips)
– Vitamin E (to moisturize chapped lips)
– Collagen (to maintain your lips shape & prevent wrinkles)
– Argan oil (to repair & moisturize dry lips)
– Bee venom (to build collagens & plump up your lips for a sexier shape like filler)
– Titanium dioxide (great SPF 50 UV protections)

One application can last up to 24 hours, without even stick to your drinking glasses or cups


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