Review by Sunshine Kelly: Fine Thread Contour Nose Treatment @ Idealyst Clinic, KL Trillion

If given a chance is there any area or part of your face or body that you would like to enhance? As for me, I have been thinking to enhance my nose bridge for quite some time but I am a bit scared and skeptical when it some to things like this. After some research and asking for some opinions my friend, Su introduced me to Dr. Aidil Azry Bin Dato Mokhtar from Idealyst Clinic, KL Trillion.

Actually before this treatment, I was thinking about doing filler for my nose bridge. But after my consultation, Dr. Aidil Azry advised me to do the Fine Thread Contour (FTC) treatment instead. It is more advanced, safe and also has more benefits to the skin. My questions to Dr. Aidil was… is it painful, safe, any down time, any side effects and many more?

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